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2004 no heat need help PLEASE!!

Hi guys I just found this forum and it looks like ya'll have it goin on here.

Here is my prob. My wife has a 2004 v6 stang. Last night on her way home it wouldnt throw hot air. It was about 35 degrees outside. Then she said it started running rough and she didnt think she was going to make it home due to poor acceleration.

This morning I Took a look. There was definitly some coolant loss and after adding some coolant/water mixture I started it up. It seems to be running ok at this point but still wont throw warm air.

She recently had it flushed and filled and noticed it was slow to warm up after that.

I checked the oil and it looks ok. No smoke or steam from the exhaust.

I'm wondering if it could be the thermostat or heater control valve? I can change a thermo but dont know anyting about any control valves.

Unfortunatly it is 100 miles past warranty and recent events dont leave a lot of money for repairs, so any help, advice, input would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Roy

Dang it> this posted in the wrong section. I'll try to move it to the V6 section. Or maybe a mod can do it?

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