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Though it seems the thread has been going off-topic, i am listing the stuff i find out about my 'stang only after bringing it home:

1. No inside fuel release - i asked the salesman about it and just assumed he did'nt knew where it is but then after reading the owner's manual i had to believe its not there. Someone mentioned that salesman pointed it out as a safety feature, that's BS; I had two Miata's in the past (99 and 05) and they both had a trunk release INSIDE the centre console storage (alongwith fuel door release) and that center console could be locked with the key just like glove box.

2. Those grocery hooks in the trunk were a nice surprise

3. Find out my 06 wont roll down windows using the remote key fob like an 05

4. That the standard 17" wheels seems way smaller than the optional machined ones.

5. The magnetic seat-belt loops

6. coin holders in armrest storage

7. Speed sensitive volume feature

8. It runs on REGULAR !!! Even my minivan requires premium (04 Toyota Sienna)

9. Rear mats very narrow and front mats a bit short - won't go all the way up under the pedals

10. Coming from a miata: Redline at just 6000RPM and only 5 cogs in the stick I feel the Mustang GT can really benefit from a close-ratio 6-speed
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