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ts3096.....I already have the Demolet Tunable Induction intake. I noticed the last few days that my rpms were staying at about 1200-1330 when I downshifted upon coming to a stop so I reset the computer again today. I got to thinking about it and the computer was reset after the initial instaal but once the second shop done the job right I never reset it. The first shop did a really bad job and the system was leaking. I got the owner of Meinke to work on it for me Saturday and I never reset the computer once the install was done right. I got about 18 MPG over the last week but I filled it up tonight after I reset the computer again and I'll continue to keep an eye on it. Thanks all for the help and advice about this. Does anyone know where I can find a shop in South Carolina that has a dyno where they can test my car and maybe do a chip reprogram? I am around Columbia, SC and have asked around but have been unsuccessful in finding one. This should help right?
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