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Well, thanks to Tracie at FCS I finally got the VDR installed. Now I'm just doing everything I can to make it duplicate. I've done the stale out in 3rd and then make hard turn and accelerate to 40ish. Nothing yet. I keep my tank full and have been trying hills, hard turns, highway speed to a stop and then accelerating back to 40ish. Can't make it do it again. Does anyone else have ideas on what I can try? Im up for any suggestions. I feel like I oqn a ticking time bomb and I just want it to happen so it can get fixed. Not to mention the grief im getting from my wife and 8yo son I won't let ride in it. Lol

Thanks all
It sounds like you are doing all the right things to recreate the Advanctrac problem. Try to accelerate smoothly past 45 after every turn, then slow down to speed limit if it is less. It was such a relief when mine acted up after 4 weeks with the VDR! I did let my family in the car once I realized when, under what circumstances the car would act up. Scary as hell the first couple of times, I was more ready once I knew the parameters, still a little scary though.
Good Luck, keep us updated.

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