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Originally Posted by tex117
$250 bucks is well within my range, and as far as my goals go I'm not 100% sure but right now I'm thinkin about being able to hang with or beat a 99-04 GT. This summer I'm gunna try to break into engine work (heads, cam, valve springs) but I figure the pulleys would be easy no attachments power.
The underdriver never hurts!

But to get a 99-04 GT, you've really got to plan. You've got the goal, now you need a budget and a plan.

They've got a power to weight ratio of approximately 12.5-13 lbs/hp.

ours have 16.

to match a 99+ GT it's going to take $3000-4000, no matter how you cut it.

Whether it's engine work + N2O, or SC+ intake porting & exhaust, or fairly extensive lightening + either of the other options.

The pre -99 GT's are an easier target with 15 lbs/hp. You can get into the ballpark with bolt-on hp or even by taking 150lbs off the car, and helping the car to hook.

Lets say you added 20hp with boltons.

you'd have to still remove 325 lbs to get into the ballpark . . .

-It's doable, plastic rear & side glass, carbon fiber hood decklid & driveshaft, aluminum flywheel, revoved rear seats, and replaed fronts with middle to light weight seats, but even then, the pieces will cost $3-4000.

So let's say you took an easy 162.5 lbs off the car.

you'd need to make 229 hp. That's also doable, but you're going to need some head & intake work, a more aggressive cam, etc.

Is this making any sense?

So some people go all out on power, but leave the weight in, or start adding weight with wheels, tires, stereo equipment, etc, and end up shooting themselves in the foot, and wondering why they're so slow. Add a couple of hundred lbs of stereo equipment and suddenly you've got to make 250-260 hp, which is REALLY tough unless you go with a stroker, etc.

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