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Originally Posted by WesOrion
Instead of going through the 70 pages of posts to try to find anyting similiar, I am making this a new post. I am new to this forum and I am a fan of anything Ford. I aquired a 1983 Mustang from a buddy of mine who said all it needed was a new battery and she would run. I got the new battery and she only ran a short distance for the battery was not being re-charged. I could charge and jump the battery from another vehicle. I noticed that the ameter would only move when another vehicle was jumping. So I was thinking either bad alternator, bad regulator, bad starting soleoid, or bad wiring. Everything in the car was original. I changed out the alternator, the voltage regulator, and starter solenoid and still the battery will not charge. Engine starts fine with a good battery, but will drain quickly. What I do now believe is that it is wiring. Fuses check out if you are wondering, none are or were blown. I would like to know what I else can possibly be done. Is there an electrical kit that I can get that covers everthing from starting to charging?
Did you check the ground strap, or replace the wire to the solenoid?

Also the alternator wiring may have changed, -I forget how, but I had to make the change to my 1968's wiring to accomodate alternators meant for the car. Until I made the modification to the wires coming out of the alternator, it wouldn't work.

It went from a 1 pin connection to a 2 pin connection on all new alternators to eliminate some sort of fire hazard. And I needed an adapter to allow the thing to run. That's all I remember -it was 12 years ago . . .

So you might have to take it to a specialist to make sure the connections are correct . ..

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