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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
Add another one

Just happened to me going up an on ramp in anaheim. Clockwise brakes on the tc. Everything exactly the same.

2013 3.7 pp and mca.

Take it to the dealer first or call ford first?

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Dang a '13, that is a surprise. I wonder if you got an early 2013 build with an A or B part # on your ABS control module?
Take it to your dealer, also make sure you contact Deysha via PM on here with your VIN # and all your contact info!
As of right now the first steps are to get your dealer to install a VDR so that you can record the next episode before Ford will make a move on this. But Deysha should get your VIN linked with mine and others with this issue. Don't be surprised if initially your service dept. is clueless on this. Stay on here regularly and keep us and Deysha updated till this is resolved.
Also Cerebrix since I now see you have a manual attempt to duplicate it the way this GT500 owner did. He could get his to fail at will.
BTW The new ABS Control Module Part # is: BR3Z2C219C, if you have one ending in A or B then that is likely the problem.

Deysha we are rapidly approaching 30 Mustang owners complaining of this, if we haven't hit that already. Just FYI...
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