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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
pm'ed her my info. going to call my dealer after 8am. known my service girl for years, so im hopeful they'll take care of it just like they always have.

yes, its an early 13. manufactured 3/12

how do I check to see what the abs control module part number is?
There are some pics posted, I think on my other thread about this. An inspection mirror may come in handy. You have to remove your air cleaner box/tube and the cold air snorkel that feeds it from next to your radio. Which is actually all fairly easy btw. The part # serial # placard is on the side of the module right up next to the cold air snorkel.

Originally Posted by Strange Mud View Post
Alpine, sounds like you are off to a good start...good luck and kudos to your dealer (ya hate to have to give kudos for doing their job, but...)
I know right. "thank you for fulfilling the minimum requirements of your job" if you want them to keep working at it...
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