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Originally Posted by RedDominion
It's to make the passenger feel inferior to the driver (hehe). I think its great, because my wife can't see over the cowl and there's less nagging about my driving.
Heh heh I love that! When I bought my house, the real estate agent kept playing power games with me. She tried, valiantly, to "take control". I sold cars, so I love those games

Before we got some initial paperwork done, she said, without a please or thank you "Sit in there and wait for me", indicating a meeting room. Oho! Let the games begin, I thought

I went into the room and immediately sat in the big chair, on the end of the long table. I raised it with the lever on the side, by about an inch. Then, with the hydraulic adjustment thingy, I lowered the chair, on my right by about three inches. When she sat in it, the backs of her thighs weren't even touching the seat, it was so low. She looks up at me, then tries to find the lever that will let her move her seat back to "normal".

I think, "You dropped something, dear... oh, it looks to be your dignity. Here, I'll just hold onto that for you, shall I?"

Oh, it was all I could do to keep a straight face.

Lady, you don't want to start mental games with me, then put me in a room by myself, with nothing to do but think of evil things to do to you.

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