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would this be as easy done as it is said?

(quote from Mustang Enthusiast-installing cold air & a Diablosport chip,) "This is as easy an install as anyone who's ever spun a wrench could possibly dream of.There is,however,one small catch.The Diablosport tuner,which we'd started using before installing the intake parts,in addition to changing timing,leans out the fuel/air ratio in order to pick up some horsepower and torque gains. Changing the mass airflow housing and air box has a similar effect. If the mixture goes too lean(always a possibility on California's 91-octane swill) destructive pre-ignition could result. C&L attempts to get around this by necking-down the inside of their MAF sensor housing,which should trick the area concentrated around the sensor. This "Faster air" reading is assumed to be higher airflow rate in the smaller plastic OEM MAF sensor housing,and the computer is supposed to adjust the fuel tables accordingly. With the original tuning supplied by Ford,it leans out the air/fuel ratio enough to add a touch of additional power to go with that increase in airflow. It just won't work with the standard Diablosport predator tune without the aid of tuning time at a shop.

Originally Posted by FunkyBoss
If you need the tuner to adjust your speedo for gears or shut off your rear O2's, then get it. If not, the gains are not very big and I would look into other options. If you haven't done gears, you will get the most SOTP feel out of them, only problem is you will need the tuner to correct your speedo after changing that, or you can go with a Speedcal as a cheaper fix.

As far as tuners go, SCT seems to be the best of the best, atleast when it comes to custom tunes, but Diablosport is not far behind. I have no complaints with the Predator and it is very easy to use, but again, the performance gains are minimal.
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