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Originally Posted by MylilPony
hey guys.... i have a question
i apparently need to replace my front control arms... im not sure if its upper or lower or both... or even if there is upper and lower on the front... .anyway the mechanic told me (i got my car serviced today and this is not covered in my limited warranty) to buy aftermarket ones as they are cheaper and weigh less than the stock OEM's.
anyway.... which are the best ones to buy, how much do they cost, and will i be able to do this myself?
also, i have to change the springs in the back.... i looked in a magazine and all they advertize is lowering springs... i dont want to lower my car because im going to do a side exhaust and i dont want there to be clearance issues..... so basically what im asking is are there springs that are upgrades from stock which will not drop my car?
thanks for the help!
Why would you need front A- arms?

THey are pretty sturdy, and I've never seen a situation where they "needed" to be replaced." That said, the cheapest thing to do would be to pick up replacements at a salvage yard.

As far as aftermarket A-arms go, Griggs and Kenny Brown have a-arms that significantly improve handling by extending the wheelbase. The cost depends on the finishing.

The Cobra R is dropped, and there are no clearance issues. If you go lower than 1.5" you'll have some problems . .. .

But the ride height is set for running chains in snow, not for clearance of road obstacles.

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