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Originally Posted by Eleanor_Mustang
So gearing and the fact that it isn't 3420 +/- a few pounds heavy like the my Camaro was, has that much of an effect?

I was expecting that because I loss 7 horsepower plus whatever horsepower the mods I had did to the Camaro gave it, would make Mustang seem slower and all, but I haven't noticed any slowness about it. In fact it is or feels a whole lot faster, and it doesn't take a lot of RPMs to get it to accelerate pretty fast. E.g. in the Camaro you could accelerate to 60 from 0 mph letting it shift (auto tranny) at about 3000 RPMs and in the mustang, watching the speedo you see the same acceleration and the car is doing a little less than 2500 RPMs and doing 40MPH @ somewhere around 1200RPMs, the Mustang has a pulling feel to it than the Camaro. So would it have that much of an effect...

Note that the Mustang has a 3.27 Rear Axle Gear and the Camaro had a 3.42 Rear Axle Gear
put 300 lbs in the trunk, and see how it feels .. ..

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