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Originally Posted by Blaseleblanc View Post
The kit I bought was the installation kit + bearing kit for 89.99. On the same exact kit, there was ANOTHER drop down box for "2010+ bearing" so I called them and asked them what was going on and if I needed to pay 89.99 install/bearing kit PLUS another 59.99 for the 2010+ bearing. The representative Duncan said I was good to go and that the correct bearing was included in that kit for 89.99 without needing to buy the drop down bearing. This is the kit I bought- Rear End Installation and Bearing Kit (8.8in) R8.8RMK - Free Shipping!

Notice how they charge you 59.99 for the bearing, and 29.99 for the install kit. I asked if I had to check the drop down box for the 2010+ bearing, he said no, the bearing included in this base kit was the correct one for my 2011 v6.

I swear that if the bearing is causing these decel vibrations and whine, AM is going to have a HUGE S***STORM on their hands and will be paying for the labor to fix it as well as my gear kit for this false information.
Well, that kit you have listed can't possibly have the late bearing in it or else that isn't the correct picture. For it to work like you said they told you it would have to have two inner bearings in the kit and the picture shows only one.

I'd be looking into whether the right bearing was installed or not or if they did like I said in the above post and installed the early bearing with the original late race.

Fortunately for me, my car came from the factory with 3.73's in it and covered under the warranty!

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