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Originally Posted by RodgerJerney View Post
I would like to have 3.73 rear end gears, but I have lost track of how many threads there are like this one, where things have ended up badly.

I will never understand why Ford doesn't make 3.73s an option in the V6. The gears are right there. If Ford is after fuel mileage, my Perf Pac car with the 19" Summer Onlys, will do 32 mpg if I go slow (speed limit) and easy.

Don't the "Powers that Be" at Ford, ever read internet forums?
Its not a huge whine that other people have described in their threads. Mine can be barely heard. Its one of those things where if you aren't paying attention, you might not hear the sound.

But if you are and you start hearing it, it gets annoying. Especially if you aren't listening to anything and have windows up and sound sensitive like i am. Either way, cant do anything till my appointment on Tuesday. Hopefully it gets fixed, and doesn't get worse
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