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Originally Posted by srizo View Post
Are you planning to change your DS?
Already done, sort of. Read up:

Originally Posted by Ltngdrvr View Post
My understanding is the early bearing will work so long as you replace the race in the housing with the early one too. The race comes with the bearing but most guys don't go through the hassle of getting the old race out and the new one seated in the housing, they just reuse the old race and install the bearing on the pinion.
This is correct. Using the fatter, older style bearing without changing the race to match results in disaster. This did happen to someone on here, I think I remember reading about it. The techs at my friendly dealership inform me as we speak that they've seen this happen several times and it usually destroys the housing.

On this (round #5) of differential set up, I will be using all Ford OE bearings including the "correct" skinnier inner pinion bearing just for the hell of it.
I won't have my car back (still) for a few more days as they had to order out a new clutch and flywheel since I managed to destroy the stupid spring that holds the dual mass together.

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