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It's more fun beating folks with your head than with ci, IMHO.

When I had my 68 in the late 80s -early 90s, people would ask, "why are you messin' with that grocery getter? if you wanna' be fast buy a 350 small block." There weren't that many parts then, and I did it by playing it smart with the parts, and lightening the car considerably. Heck I got 25 mpg outta' that car. I didn't bind the car with too tall gears, didn't put pro-street style tires on it, didn't go too big on exhaust and carbeurator, etc. That car would RUN, even got the big blocks most of the time.

They HATED losing to a lil 302. They hate it even MORE losing to a 6, and the 302 is all off-the shelf stuff now. Everyone expects a 302 to run.

Right now, they can't imagine losing to a six, so I'm gonna' expand THAT particular horizon . . .

I've said it before, and I'll say it again -A LOT of the Hondaheads are pure posers, but someone who get's one in the 12s or even 14s gets a LOT more respect from me than a v8 car into the 10s -12s.

It takes a lot more smarts and ingenuity for the Hondahead . . . Stangers and Chevy Monkeys just need to go to Summit or Jegs buy parts, and pay for someone to put 'em on for 'em. Or just go and get a crate engine all ready prepped and broken in for them. All you need is a fat enough checkbook.

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