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Originally Posted by MylilPony
Ok... quick background....
I bought my stang on Jan 10th 2006
1998 sixer, 58000 miles, automatic, for 3000 bux
seems like a good price bc i have been looking a lot prior to buying and even after for other people.....
I have a problem with the car that i got checked out by the dealers service department.... turns out that the problem which i originally thought was a tranny problem is more of a front end problem... so the mechanic told me that its not immediate but eventually im going to want to change the control arms and the springs in the front and back bc my car "sags" a bit.....
so im driving along my merry way yesterday and start hearing and feeling a grinding sound that appears to be the brakes, or lack thereof.... so upon checking the car out at night in the dark with two other people of whom are very knowledgable, we come to the conclusion that possibly the calipers are sticking and burning the brakes out because the brakes were BRAND NEW when i bought the car (i checked)....
so first thing this morning i take my car to a mechanic to check it out bc i basically had to go to work and its like 10 degrees over here (NY).... i go to work and my father is there with the mechanic and he puts the car on the lift, takes the wheel off, drives the car etc ... and he comes to the conclusion that there is NOTHING wrong with the car.... yes the car needs the front end work that the other guy was saying but he even said its not immediate, and the car doesnt even need brakes!!!!!
so i pick up the car after work and i drive the car around for about 15-20 mins .... and there it goes again.... feels like grinding when i brake... not immediatly when i start braking but just before i stop... definately feels like something with the suspension if it isnt the brakes... Can anyone help me out??? PLEASE!!!
also, whats a great suspension package for my car that will include most of the stuff i need if not all?
I'm getting the sam ething, have taken it back 4+ times and no one can figure out where it's coming from. Checked every moving part. Nothing.

I don't see how the control arms can be bent . .


I got some major air a couple of weeks ago, pulling into a Taco bell driveway that was actually a storm drain . ..


IF your control arms, and not just your bushings are work out. What you get depends on how much you want to spend - cheapest would be to pick up a set from a salvage yard.

Most expensive will be a racing set from Griggs, Maximum Motorsports, Kenny Brown, Steeda, QA1, etc.

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