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Originally Posted by MylilPony
the control arms arent bent, just the bushings need to be fixed..... but why just fix the bushings when i can upgrade my control arms (lighter, better quality)... i have narrowed it down to 2003 cobra control arms, they increase my turning radius 10% with better quality bushings and ball joints.... and fit right in......the grinding that im getting according to my mechanic are the metallic brakes on my car..he said it just hit a spot where there is a lot of metal... hence metal on metal... buh buh buh.. but my problem is that it hasnt gone away... and i do A LOT of stop and go driving.....also, according to him "eventually" i will need front end work i.e. bushings, shocks, springs..... but i feel like if this grinding isnt the brakes which he thinks it is- then its related to the front end.hopefully you guys can tell me the best bang for buck springs/shocks thanks everyone who has read these long posts
Shocks/Springs => QA1 lighter by 3lbs, than the closest competitor.

Springs depends on whether you go coilover or not.

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