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Water pump bearing or center support bearing

Hey guys Im new here,
About 5 weeks ago I baught a 97 V6 5spd mustang . It was clean as could be and well maintainedand serviced every 3000 miles.It has 100,000 miles on it and being a collage student who lives in a dorm I put barley any miles on it.
and I don't beat on it or any thing like that.A cuple weeks ago it started making a intermitent sqweeking noise like a bad belt or water pump bering. My auto instuctor said it said the water pump was bad. The noise has went away in the last week but I buaght a new water pump and was going to replace it today in auto shop. When I got to class the instuctor said " I had a ford 3.8 with the same simptome com into the shop and it was not the wather pump. It was the center support bearing. So we had it running durring class but could not produce the noise so we could not diagnos it. I asked him what it would take to replace the center support bearing . He said I would be better off replacing the motor. Ok so how alarmed should I be? Is it just an intermitant noise that I should Just live with? or is the motor on its last legs
and could blow in the near fuiture? Also Im planning to drive it home for spring break in two which is about 400-450 miles one way. It made the trip here a month ago But with this problem I hope it makes it.

Any advice would be greatly appriciated Thanks

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