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Originally Posted by indy95v6
Recently I started having problems with my cooling system. It is a 95 v6 with 106,000 miles. It will run cold when I first start it up for longer than usuall, then rapidly get hot. The temperature gage will rise and fall from near the "N" to over heating while driving. Also it takes along time for heat to come out of the heater even after the water temp gage has been in the normal zone for awhile. When I get heat it will only last for a few minutes and then cool back down.

I changed the thermostat and did not see any changes. Also the fan appears to be working normally. I have noticed a small amount of oil in the antifreeze, however no antifreeze in the oil or white smoke out of the tail pipes. It could be that I have a blown head gasket, but I am not sure.

Any suggestions
head gaskets, most likely

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