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Originally Posted by JEB
Dear God,,,,,,,

Not AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!:lock :lock :lock
I am just offering an alternative to that individual. Your response isn't called for...

Besides you are a GT driver that only has a stock single stage intake, not a variable. And you aren't even suppose to be in here because this is for V6 owners only.

For all of you that don't know what a variable intake is, here is a picture of one... This is not my car, but its a V6 with a 3.8L that has the variable intake as well...

Types of cars that use this are the Acura NSX, Toyota Supra (non turbo), Nissan 350Z (I believe, not absolutely sure), and some pocket rockets, just to name a few. I didn't have this feature in my Camaro but now that I have it I love it. Even though you have an OHV engine you can stil get the preformance of a DOHC out of it to a degree, because Ford was kind-enough to put it on Ford Mustang V6 engines from (???? -2004 and the new V6's have it as well), Proven technology...

NOTE: I may be wrong about the swirl or resonance one... The reason is because 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder inline engines usually use the swirl effect. The resonance effect is usually used by Boxster and V-style engines.

here is another site that tells you more...
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