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yea... im pretty sure its a balancing issue.... the tires are basically brand new although im not sure what brand they are bc i havnt cared to look.... the car shakes with the foot on the brake..... it gets worse when i step on the brake until i slow down out of that 55-65 mph range.....
if its a balancing issue why wouldnt it do it all the time?
if its a roder - how much am i looking at spending to get that fixed.....
about 2 weeks ago i had a problem with what i thought was the brakes... it felt like they were grinding... except when my mechanic looked at them and took the whole thing apart he saw that the brakes were brand new...and everything seemed to be fine so he dismissed it and told me that it could be the metallic brakes - and they're just at a spot where theres a lot of metal- hence metal on metal
well that grinding has stopped... but now this shaking
eh i dunno
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