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Originally Posted by JEB
Tex had me picked. I was only joking, and for the people who've been here awhile, or lurked awhile, or read the posts awhile, can tell you, there are about 20 other threads on "the turdinator."

The modular engines have something like this built in that fixed some issues with the ealier versions of the engine. So, adding a turdinator would be a waste of time, and money.
You are wrong about that... The modular's are all single stage intakes because they are meant for power, not driveability. (I have done lots of research on Mustangs and other cars and the mustang gt doesn't include variable intakes. They have intakes that are single stage and that accelerate air into the cylinders but they don't have the little bump in horsepower that occurs about 3700 rpms that the v6 has. This bump is when the variable intake changes from long to short runners. The power is increasing smoothly and then a sudden decrease in the steady climb and then it starts pulling strong again.

Sorry, but I don't have a sense of humor... But I do apologize...
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