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Originally Posted by Eleanor_Mustang
You are wrong about that... The modular's are all single stage intakes because they are meant for power, not driveability. (I have done lots of research on Mustangs and other cars and the mustang gt doesn't include variable intakes. They have intakes that are single stage and that accelerate air into the cylinders but they don't have the little bump in horsepower that occurs about 3700 rpms that the v6 has. This bump is when the variable intake changes from long to short runners. The power is increasing smoothly and then a sudden decrease in the steady climb and then it starts pulling strong again.

Sorry, but I don't have a sense of humor... But I do apologize...
No, you are wrong.

The modular engine in it's first "steppings" had an issue with airflow.
I don't know the technical details, but there were, for lack of better word, "deflectors" put in somewhere that did something with the airflow that made improvements.

I am not going to spend time to research this for you. There have been numerous threads here on the subject, with multiple people posting the same results.

Maybe on some cars this is a great upgrade, but is not needed for the Modular engine in it's current form.

Hey, maybe everyone else is worng on this, but I'll stick with the current "popular" opinion from the folks who know a hell of alot more than I do.

I also apologize for your lack of humor appreciation, don'[t take my post personally, I was only trying to get chuckles from people to lighten their day...

Good luck! If you get it, why don't you post your before and after dyno results, or mpg tracking results. You may be right, and if so, everyone may learn from it.:thumbsup

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