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hay JEB, I would but I am not the one that wanted it... I however remember seeing something about like it before it was called the Tornado Air Management System which works and is practically the same device as the turbonator. I found this on (I trust's information because it is usually what my instructors want and what they trust)...

Here is the site...

For those who don't like reading. He says, that it increased the gas mileage in 2 of the 3 test cars by .2-.4 mpg and that in 1 of the 3 it decreased it by .4 mpg. The drivers noted they felt more power. He dyno tested the cars again and they had exactly the same horsepower as they had before (without the tornado or turbonator air thingy)...

So, no I am not going to test it because it is a was of $60 dollars that could go into a cold air intake or a shaker hood for my v6.

NOTE: I don't usually trust what people say unless they can give me factual proof of their claims, which is why I usually post a website that has some proof of what I am claiming on it.
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