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Originally Posted by da9k1ne
I have seen spintech side exhuast running for about 480....this is almost as much as many catback exhausts....would i have to do anything else to my car if i went with the side exit exhaust? Would the exhaust fit right under my stock side skirts or would i have to by aftermarket ones? Lastly, is side exhaust a good idea on a v6?
with the spintechs no modifications are needed- it will bolt right on to your y pipe although i've been advised from others to definately weld on the tips. A;so, the spintechs will fit under the stock side skirts, many other side exhausts will not fit and require specific side skirts to the best of my knowledge.
Spintechs are a great idea... as i've heard they sound great on a V6- I have heard clips (spintechs with stock midpipe) and they inspired me to put them on my 98. I'm ordering mine before the summer
hope this helps

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