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If you are talking about the same clutch-less style trasmission that I am, you can't use it on the street. A clutchless transmission, like a Liberty, G-Force or Doug Nash, used for drag racing can not be up shifted without completely stopping the car.

The only other type of "semi-automatic" transmisison that I know of are the pneumatically shifted trannies, they use a button like in Indy cars or a paddle in most street cars that use them, but you normally only find them in the high end porsches, lambos or ferraris.
Originally Posted by MustangV6Man
Thanks for the reply. Before the 05 Mustangs came out I was looking into getting one and had a book on the options that would be available. I am not sure If I should post this question in the 05 forum but do you or anyone else know if this was an option that was available?

I am looking into get a GT or that new Cobra :kooky: by the end of the year, but I did not want an automatic and I do not want the manual. I want the "clutchless manual" where I can change the gears but not have manual depress clutch i want it down automatically. Any reply appreciated.
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