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by the way..does anyone else think people are actually aiming for our stangs? jealousy can be a b**ch and i think people are trying to damage our car on purpose...i had my other car for 5 years and noone went near it nearly as much as this one...i had the strtracr parked on a street the other day and i'm standing in the window of the store watching it and here comes this lady backing into the spot in front of it...when i say you could park a truck in that spot it was no exaggeration but she keeps slowly backing up...looking around...backing up...looking i jog out of the store and stand between the cars like i'm about to pop the hood...get this....the b*tch gets fire mad at me and starts rantin about how she wasnt going to touch my car(at least i think thats what she said...really thick jamaican accent)...i'm like lady its a 20 foot spot ..why would you have to get within 5 ft of me? she calls me an a**hole and drives away like shes mad cause she couldnt back into the front of my beware out there....jealous people are aiming for our stangs...dont park with 5 blocks of a shopping cart!!!!
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