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Originally Posted by fast05stang
After a long day of studying on Monday, I decide to leave school. I walk to my car in the parking garage, and what do I see??!! Someone hit my baby!!!! Full-on hit it!!!! This was no side-swipe. Yes. You guys heard right. She hit a parked car! I reviewed the video footage of the parking garage and it was a full-size Chevy Silverado. But gets better!!! Can you say, "HIT AND RUN"!? Needless to say, my rear bumper is F&%#@$!!!! Luckily, it didn't even dent the quarter panel. I don't know HOW it didn't. Hopefully the impact bent my sway bar or something else so I can just replace it with performance stuff. I got the license plate, and the girl goes to my school. I'm going in on Friday for the estimate. My poor baby!
Hit and runners are slime, probably would have done the same thing if they hit a person. I was in a parking lont once and witnessed a hit and run, this women hits a parked car in a lot that I was in and I stuck a note on the guys windshield after she walks into her beauty salon.
Did you get the tag number from the video?

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