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Exclamation I've got one for you guys, was I the only one???

Okay, so it hasn't been mentioned anywhere in these eight pages and I can't believe I'm the only one......

Before my car arrived I have done tons of reading on theses forums about lots of stuff, expecially how people just love the power of these cars. Previously I was driving a Mitsu Eclipse GT (V6 with lots of power upgrades, but 205 hp stock).

So I go to the dealership to test drive a V8 while mine was on order. I get in, the streets were a bit damp, and begin my test drive. I step on the gas and I was certainly able to hear the power and it did pull a bit stronger than my Eclipse in the mid range, but it lacked that "put you back in your seat" effect I'd read about so many times. I figured "maybe the streets were just wet and I wasn't going to get a good test drive anyways... but I was barely able to get the rear wheels to spin in the first place, so it wasn't from a lack of traction.

I told my brother it felt good but I was surprised at the power, it just was not as quick as my eclipse (it'll put you back in your seat if you step on it around 3500 rpm). He told a mechanic friend and he recommended I test drive another one.

So I'm pretty confident in the mustang anyways and thought, I'll certainly test drive my car when it arrives before buying it. So I arrive there, go for another test drive, and it felt exactly the same. Hmmm.... so maybe this is what they drive like. It just felt like a heavy slow accelerating car.
So I buy it of course..................... :smilie , wasn't leaving without it!

Then, 30 minutes later while driving to show it off, I look up and see the traction control button (which I had read somewhere that you could turn it off at the track to do burnouts, etc.). So I turn it off, and WOW, it's a different car completely!

Finally it pulled dangerously quick. The front of the car raises up as you go through 1st and 2nd.... Now thats the power I expected, I had the biggest grin for a long time after that find!!!

Then, when I spoke to the dealership again, I asked my experienced salesperson if he had ever driven the car with the traction control off and he said NO. This guy had no idea the difference between it off or on! At first I thought they don't show people the "button" during a test drive.

What the hell have they been selling people on??? Lol. Anyways, as you can see by the length of my story it's the reason I hadn't posted this sooner.

So somebody tell me ..... Am I the only person who didn't know about the SIGNIFICANT difference when turning the TC off???

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