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Originally Posted by Kamicosmos
Dang! How fast was she going??? Poor stang looks like it was in a very bad collision! Can't believe someone would drive off after causing that amount of damage. It's one thing for a little door ding or barely tapping the bumper, but THAT! Sheesh!
This was sent to me from a freind. I will pass along what I know. Another example of money and cometence having nothing in common. This guy in MIssion Hills, Kansas waited 2 yrs. for this $200,000.00 Ford GT. This car only has 9 miles on it. He desided to try out how fast it would go,so he dicided to punch the gas pedal. When he did, he lost traction on the rear wheel and lost control on a bridge next to #17 at Mission Hills country club which crosses a small creek. He nailed the steel and concrete pole. Still has the 30-days tags on it. Don't get me wrong I love going fast, but nothing like this.

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