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Originally Posted by My05

So somebody tell me ..... Am I the only person who didn't know about the SIGNIFICANT difference when turning the TC off???
Well, you are not the only one with an idiot for a salesman. You would think being their "Flagship" car, or the only car that is really keeping their Stock up right now...that all their salesman would be experts.
Anyway, I took mine for a test drive and the kid who sold me mine knew very little. He did not inform me of any of the extra features:Auto rolldown/hidden compartment/seatbelt straps etc.
I went for a test drive and was like you, I didn't see the real burn out power but noticed when layed on it...the Traction control light went on. It was dry out. So, I asked if it was any different with it off. He said only in slippery weather. Well after getting to know the car a few miles later, I acted like I was tuning the radio and turned it the traction off. Well, big mistake. I was turning a corner and figured it would not have been that significant of a change......OOOOPPPPPPPS! Anyway you get the idea.
I knew the traction control on most vehicles is actually conected to the anti lock brake system. So it is actually working against the engine.
I just didn't realize HOW different the response would have been.
So, to answer.....NO you are not the only one who didn't know:smilie

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