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Originally Posted by cerebrix View Post
Add another one

Just happened to me going up an on ramp in anaheim. Clockwise brakes on the tc. Everything exactly the same.

2013 3.7 pp and mca.

Take it to the dealer first or call ford first?

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What dealer do you use? The one off of Katella? Ken Grody Ford was the first to look at and then ignore my issue. So maybe if you go through them they will be able to say "crap, second one with same issue"... Just a thought...

Update on mine: VDR is being taken out of the car. They need it for another vehicle. Unfortunately between weather and illness' I was only able to put about 300 miles on the car while installed. Couldn't get it to duplicate. Will be trying GT500's way of getting it to act up again tomorrow as it will be mid 80's here. Figure try it all the way to the dealer.

I will be ordering this VDR to put in my car as well. Launch 301050068 301050068 - C Recorder II Car Running Data Recorder It'll recorder around 24 hours of driving without having to push anything while the event is happening.

If your dealer is being stubborn with putting in one of their VDRs, Might want to look in to getting one of these. Which I expect will be a problem for Cerebrix in the OC area. No one there cared about my problem.

Good luck Cerebrix, keep us updated.

As always, I'll keep everyone in the loop.
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