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Originally Posted by 02v6Mustang
The guy with the camaro said that if he could beat me off the line then he would pretty much beat me down the whole stretch. I've never raced him so i dont know much about his car. I know that it's a 1995 Camaro V6 Auto with a bone stock motor. However I am pretty worried about the eclipse. It registers 160 and i've riden with him when he's been up to 130 on it and my top speed limiter only lets my car get up to about 115 and it takes forever for it to get there. And another thing is he raced one of my buddy's a while back who has a 2001 Mustang V6 Auto just like mine and beat him. That was my reasoning for asking how much it would help if i put 4.10's the rear. Report for 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Obtained from R&T November, 2001
Transmission: Manual
1/4 Mile:

1/4 Speed:
90 Report for 2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse GTS
Obtained from C&D May, 2002
Transmission: Manual
1/4 Mile:

1/4 Speed:

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I don't know what the designation is for the 4 cylinder. The GTS's gearing get's him to 60 faster, but it's within a couple of tenths for a manual Mustang v6.

The regular GT manual is within a couple of .1s.

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Does your friend know how to powerbrake?

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