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New VDR info

Originally Posted by 11Red3.7 View Post
Sorry alpinedaddy, this problem still normally ends up being a saga to get it repaired, I'm still on a mission to fix that! Hopefully with AFM members like you and Deysha will get it fixed.
Interesting find. Can you adjust the PIDs on the aftermarket VDR? If not hopefully it will record enough to do some convincing and get the ball rolling again. Cindy
Ok all, I'm sorry for the link to the last VDR. DO NOT GET THAT ONE! After a few hours trying to talk to someone at the company I found out it will only record transmission codes. No PID control through their program.

I did find another one that supposedly will capture all live data PIDs as the error happens. It's the OTC 3005 InfoLogger. I talked to someone who has used it and they say it works well with Ford vehicles. I'll get this and test it out. I'll let everyone know if it is worth it. Should have tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
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