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Originally Posted by RebelTX View Post
...I will defiantly start watching the big dogs to try and pick up some stuff from them. I didn't think of keeping tabs on there times and dials but I will next time. I think there is an event coming up in a few days, maybe instead of racing I will go test n tune so I can keep my eye on the other drivers...
Advanced bracket class. Its a given that they will be peddleing and hitting the breaks to close mov reguardless of what strategy they are using. See if you can lable the big dogs.

There are 3 basic bracket strategys.

Dialer - dial what you actually think you will run and perhaps dial down .01. Hit the tree hard and run it out. This is the easiest to execute.

Driver- dial up .05-.09 Go for a consertive .010-.020 light and judge the finish line. You want to "back in" and take a .010-019 mov. If you not going to take stripe first then dump your opponent and go for the breakout or double breakout win.

Spot Dropper. Simular to dialer but you dial up .02-.04 and find a physical location to scrub what you holding reguardless to you opponents location. You watch for you spot on the track to scrub whatever your holding to go dead on. You need to know where and how much ET is removed by a lift (umpa) or break tap.

A good racxer can use any of these strategys and do a mix and have the ability to change strategys in mid race. Drivers will have a tendicy to use one method over the others. I use the Drivers method mostly but switch to dialer or spot dropper when I feel its to my advantage.

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