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A new radio might clear up the problem. Sometimes low whine and noise is from the outputs on the factory radio going bad. My preference would be kenwood or alpine. They are excellent and reliable units. Get one with a USB port in the front and you can play an Ipod or MP3 player or even a flash drive through it. On the mach 460 setup, the tweeters in the door panels and back deck are powered off the radio's hi-level output, and the woofers in the front doors and back back are amplified. You will need to run RCA outputs in the radio harness off your new radio. If you go to a local shop, get the wiring harness for the car. It makes the install very easy. If you get a "pop" from the woofers when you turn the new radio on and off, you will need to use a voltage dividing circuit with 2 500 ohm resistors to drop the remote turn on voltage to 5 volts. If you dont want to do the resistor circuit, you can go to your local best buy or radio shack and get a DC voltage regulator that has a 5 volt setting. The wiring harness you'd need is made by Metra Part# 70-5521 ..You will also need a dash kit to mount the new radio either a single DIN or Double DIN depending on what kind of radio you choose... they should run about 20$ each

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