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Originally Posted by ME-jazz
1. No inside fuel release - i asked the salesman about it and just assumed he did'nt knew where it is but then after reading the owner's manual i had to believe its not there. Someone mentioned that salesman pointed it out as a safety feature, that's BS; I had two Miata's in the past (99 and 05) and they both had a trunk release INSIDE the centre console storage (alongwith fuel door release) and that center console could be locked with the key just like glove box.
I'm going to assume you mean "no inside TRUNK release..."

It is obvious you never had any one try to break into one of your little Mazda toys, or you would probably realize that the center console storage, lockable or not, is about as secure as a glass house in a hailstorm.

While a determined thief will get in in no time, it takes more to break into a trunk than into the center console of a Miata. With a 'vert, all it takes is a steakknife to get into the cab of the car through the roof. Without a release inside the car, at least they cannot make another quick slice and get into the trunk by way of slashing into the console.

Never really thought it was a big deal to push the button on the key fob, instead of searching for an insecure button in an insecure console.

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