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Unique Experience or Bad Hose

Here is an interesting experience from today. I was waiting to merge onto the interstate to get back home, when I had a clear shot, but it was very small. I hit the throttle, rolled through 1st, into 2nd, and then nothing but white smoke coming out the back. I pulled into the university and check out the car, something blew becuase there was coolant everywhere. I was hoping that it wasent anything serious. Baffled and with no tools I tried it again staying off the interstate and kept on the side roads watching the temp guage. I pulled up to the next light smoking like a 76 beetle, and I saw a auto repair place about 200ft down the road, I cranked the wheel took her in and shut it down coasting to a stop, still belching white smoke. The guy came out and asked if Im having car trouble, I wasent in a good mood but I did remain calm instead of telling him about the after market smoke machine I installed and Im here to show it off. All In all it turned out to be the return on the heater core. Anyone heard of this before? Blowing a coolant line from accelerating or was it just the hoses time? $50 fix on the hose and I did half the work!

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