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From what I have learned this year from some rather seasoned racers what works for me is being a driver but still dialing close to what my car should run. One of the best ways to drive the stripe is actually to keep your foot to the floor on the gas and control your car by using the brake. It is more important on drive-by-wire cars to do this because if you let off the gas and then have to get back on it quickly the car may not react fast enough.

Another big factor is the tune in your car. The tune I use to race has completely static timing from 2700rpms on up so the computer won't magically change my timing and throw off what I am expecting to run. This may be more difficult to do depending on the fuel you run because you obviously don't want to have any detonation. I run E85 and for now have been keeping my boost as low as I can have it to keep my air intake temps down. My car is set up to race with a 4R70W transmission and trans brake so I use a 2-step and leave at the same rpm every time.

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