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Rear fender well

When I was scrubbing out the rear fender well I noticed a 1x2 piece of sheet metal with 2 holes and nothing there. Both sides have it. It's centered in the well behind the tire, great place for water and dirt to get into metal how to make rust 101. Mines a 05 V6 vert'. Also the mounting tabs for the rear stabilizer bar are already in place, just need the bar and hangers. The oil drain plug doesn't have a magnet. Put one next to it so when you pull the plug, release the magnet and the metal comes out with the old oil. Your wallet fits between the e-brake handle and the console, more comfortable on the long rides. The door stricker bolts are marred from install, the torx bit was worn or the installer was stoned. Oh ay and where the H _ _ L is the new windstop for the 05 and 06, the 04 guys have em. The aftermarket plexiglass with bungee cords isn't cool. :thumbsup
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