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WARNING! There are many suppliers who do not understand the relationship between the thermostat and electric fan in the newer vehicles. These people are living in the '60's with mechanical fans. Merely installing a thermostat will not lower engine temperature on a hot day. Why? The computer has programmed the fan on-off settings far beyond 160. Example: "On" 215 and "Off" 190. The fan won't even activate and try to cool the engine until the coolant temp is 215 so the 160 thermostat setting is useless. Answer? The engine computer must be re-programmed for lower temperature on-off settings. Example: "On" 166 and "Off" 162. Now the fan and thermostat work in harmony to keep the engine cool. How? There's only one way - the Kenne Bell "Switch Chip" (Ford), Kenne Bell "OPTIMIZER" (Chrysler) - or a similar product - that can re-calibrate the fan.

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