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Originally Posted by Wirelessscottie
Interesting thread.

I BOUGHT a 2007 Ford Shelby GT500 today. Ordered all of the options. And yes, it was way over MSRP. Ever since I purchased my 2005 Torch Red GT I had my sights set on the 2007 GT500.

I located a dealer in the midwest who had an allocation for 'one'. I made him an offer acceptable to both of us, (and one I doubted he would turn down), signed the contract and paid the full amount via wire. The order was placed today with Ford.

I'll post the VIN # and weekly build documents as they come through.

In keeping with my 2005 Mustang GT, I ordered the 2007 GT500 in Torch Red too! I did give a passing thought to a convertible rather than a coupe. The dealer said he was told that the convertibles, as happened in 2004, would be delayed in the manufacturing cycle. I didn't feel like waiting for the convertible.

They are available. They will be rationed. But for those who want them and look hard enough, you will find one. Just get ready for sticker stock. As in any business where the demand is high and the supply low, expect to pay a HUGE premium.

When I ordered my 2005 GT in June of 2004, I didn't get it in my hands until Dec 18, 2004. Until I see the build sheets I can not offer a guess how long this new one will take to deliver.

On a different note, the dealer gave me the following information about allocations. He said the usual Blue Oval Dealers will get one. The SVT dealers will get two and the President level dealers will get three.
Your post sounds like many others, you say you found a dealer, yet you dont list whom, you paid over MSRP, yet you dont say how much or even what MSRP is. If I was a dealer in the midwest and some chap from Arizona called me and offered money on something I dont have I would be happy to take your money and hold it for you. If we keep playing these games with dishonest dealers they will continue to take advantage of the buyer. I ask you to buck up and list the dealer name and how much you paid.
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