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'94/'95 Tuning blues!

It seems that no matter where I look, all the tuners, chips, programmers, palm diagnostic readers etc., etc., are for '96 and beyond. Are we '94, '95 V6rs, the step child of past technology? I've got the OBDII connector on my '95, I read on one site that it's not fully OBDII compliant and the tuner I want to buy might not interface because the engine family is too old! Does any one know what we pre '96 Stangs can do for DIY performance tuning? My only mods are: Ram CAI w/K&N filter, reduced underdrive pulley and 2.73:1 to 3.73:1 rear end. I'm happy with the horse gains and the extra snap from the gear, now all I want to do is change my shift points and do a little performance tweeking and I don't want to have to pay some garage every time I want a change. Any input will be appreciated!

'95, white convertable, auto trans, under drive pulley, cai, 3:73 gear. Just enough snap for a 62 year old kid! (my wife's a blond so the top MUST be down, or she won't get in!!)
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