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Originally Posted by Plumbago View Post
What you are describing as a "faint" gear howl is probably nothing to worry about. What you might do is have the shop pull the cover and look at the wear pattern. This would quickly tell you if it was a correct install or not....That aside, there is a lot of difference between a 2.73 and a 3.73 ratio, and you are bound to have "some" built in gear noise with the different ratio....It just has to be. Regardless of who says not, its a fact... And then there is the fact of weather your vehicle is a Premium model or base model...The base model have quite a bit less sound deadening in them and this will just excentuate the different ratio gear noise....Like I said if its only a "faint' noise, get it looked at, but quit worrying about you are just hearing something your not used to, from the get regards Plum
That seems to be the case from what I've found as far as feedback. Well said.

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