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So, I couldn't wait and said forget the warrenty if it voids it.

Inspired by you guys I added the dual exaust and now want to get the after-market computer chip and a turbo or a super charger.

What do you guys think would be best for something that is reliable, doesn't require much mainenance/tweaking. I have to have it installed at a shop because there just isn't any free time to do the stuff myself and i want to kind of set it and forget it for year or so until there is more time to tweak.

What would be the best for power, price and reliability without much maintinance, turbo or supercharger?

Some superchargers I've seen at places linked in the stickies in this forum are running about $3k not installed and thats too much for now. I was hoping to get the turbo or charger and the aftermarket chip for about $2k installed. Wishful thinking or is it possible?

Thanks for all the help. If something does happen with the warrenty I'll bust their balls until they cover the work or tell me to F off... or both.

I'm going to start calling shops after the holiday.
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