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What could be causing check engine light staying on?

I have a "95" 3.8, bought as is with allot of stuff. The C.E.L. was on also when bought. AutoZone says its both sides of exhaust O2's, but couldn't tell if the were up-flow or the down-flow O2's. Just a bit of info, this 3.8 has BBK C.A.I. and a 56mm BBK Throttle bottle, Headers, and an H pipe. There's allot more goodies this car came with but that's a different time. Could the H pipe be causing the C.E.L.? I've done the disconnect battery thing many times and had 2 different AutoZone's clear codes? At the price of O2's , I'm just wondering If I have to ignore the light for now, or by-pass the O2's somehow?

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