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Re: upgrading audio in 96 Cobra with Mach...

Basically I'm trying to keep the LOOKS as stock as possible with regard to the stock head unit (with cassette deck) and the stock CD player that's beneath the main head unit/tape deck. The cd player is located right behind where the gearstick shifts take place.

All that hardware works fine. What will be needed are speakers for the front and back and some sort of amplifier that will work with the upgraded speakers, all the original headunit/cassette tape player/cd player, and so forth.

Any replies/ideas would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have a full on "go to" person who's done your audio work before and you've been very, very happy with their work; so much so that you'd feel very comfortable having them work on someone's vehicle who is extremely particular about his automobile and any work done to it; I'd be grateful to be put into contact with these people/shops.
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