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We've got a lot of sixes around here (*coughs*) and few GTs. As far as mods go..... I think I saw a UT Longhorn emblem of the back of one.

Oh! And a christian fish.

The only mods I see around here are stripes. There might be under the hood stuff, but as far as the exterior goes, I'm the only one. Even then, it looks like I just have a GT with louvers and the old MUSTANG lettering. Alas, Chip Foose! You deny me my Stallion parts until july!

We've got a lot of ricers. Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of ricers. I mean, Dallas is a goddamn Rice Paddy, with an excessive amount of corvettes wading around the muck with the mustangs.

On that note, I get challenged routinely by corvettes. A couple times a day, ever since I did the bumper swap (Which was for looks, I'm not trying to "pose", touchy GT owners. I'll move away from the stock GT look soon enough). I've given up racing them, now. Whenever a corvette (Or a ferrari challenged me, two weeks ago!) challenges me I just remind them, you know, your car is twice as expensive as mine. You damn well better be faster. I don't condone street racing anyway, as tempting as it is. The ricers are a poor, downtrodden lot-- I'll let them zip right past me at the light. Go ahead guys. Pretend you're faster. My measly 220 hp is more than enough to fry you.

Or "fly", if we want to go into linguistics. Fly rye!

(But, you know, once Shelby releases a standalone version of their V6 supercharger, the track will feel my awesome.... Awesomeness. The Shelby V6 has 350hp, so I'm sure its entirely possible to get my v6 to 400 with the right improvements. And money....)

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