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Originally Posted by Pythias2050 View Post
I read through this thread and have some questions.

I have a 2013 Mustang GT coupe with the base stereo. I want to put a sub beneath each of the rear seats and an amp somewhere. I WANT to retain the stock headunit as replaing that, well Id have to purchase the 220$ kit just to be able to replace the headunit....

SO could I simply replace the headunit hardware with that of one from a shaker 500? I found one one ebay for 170$.
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I wouldnt mind replacing the door speakers, either but I preferred to retain my stock headunit. If I manage to put the subs beneath my rear seats would it be a waste with the stock headunit?

I want to hopefully put the subs there as they won't take up any existing space, I got the idea after re-upholstering my seats with oem 2012 gt500 seats and I saw all that unused space under the rear seats.

Your BEST bet is to contact Ron at United Audio - the company charged with configuring at the 0s and 1s level Ford's head unit systems from baseline systems to their Navigation units.

After a detailed discussion that originally centered on adding an OE trunk-mounted sub, I learned a great deal. Firstly, much about the vehicle, its features, and especially having to do with SYNC must be programmed into the head unit before simply swapping them.

Secondly, depending upon which version of which system with which add-ons, you may have different combinations of amps, drivers and speakers to work with - not to mention DSP software (be it for the good or bad), tuned to the vehicle cabin.

A lot of people who've swapped their Shaker trunk subs for units like the Shelby Kicker, believing it was "plug and play" like Shelby advertised were in for rude awakenings, as such units effectively tap the audio lead from one of the door subs and just give "more" from the trunk rather than being part of a holistically-engineered audio solution.

I'm not implying a hodgepodge of good quality components won't sound better than Ford's so-called premium Kicker Pro system with a trunk mounted sub. But, especially as you get into talking about swapping head units to boot, even with Ford-specific units made for Mustang, the process may be MUCH more involved to get the optimal result.

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